Hi, I am Kishore Narang

A Mobile application developer

Since 2015, when I started my journey at Guru Nanak Dev University, I started learning to program and got expertise in Web application development and today I have good experience in developing web and mobile applications. 

I'm kishore

About Me

I am a tech enthusiast. As a kid i made themes for windows OS and showed them off as I created my own OS LOL. I love cooking Indian food – not delicious every time but i always add or remove things  to make something new. 

I love to write code and develop business applications. I have my mind focused on developing applications which can help a business or the whole humanity. 

this is what i love to do

My Skillset

Web applications

From start to finish, a stunning UI web application.

Mobile Applications

iOS, Android or Both ? I have learned Hybrid too.

PAST EXperiences

Even, I do not remember at what places I have worked on. But here are some of the best of those. 


Toronto - Served as a QA Analyst Intern


Toronto - Worked here as a Magento Web Developer from 2019 till present.


Amritsar - Worked here as a web developer and computer programming instructor for 1 year. 2018-2019


Projects i have worked on . . . .
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